Hello again!

Welcome to my new website and my very first blog post!  This has been an amazingly busy summer full of new opportunities and I’m excited to share a few of them with you.  

I’ve just returned to Chicago after a week away at summer camp.  Just like the kiddies, I, too, packed my bags and headed to camp…bourbon camp, that is.  And no, bourbon camp isn’t just me with a bottle of bourbon in a tent!  It’s a complete immersion program where dozens of the most talented bartenders and mixologists from across the country come together for the love of their craft.  In one week, I experienced tons of once-in-a-lifetime moments combined with layers of industry insight. Think more bourbon university than bourbon camp. Of course camp wouldn’t be complete without a few shenanigans, and there where plenty of them, which I shall not disclose (sorry!).  But I will be posting highlights of my trip, so come back to my blog soon.

Tasting the yeast formula at Makers Mark while at bourbon camp. It's surprisingly delish!

Tasting the yeast formula at Makers Mark while at bourbon camp. It's surprisingly delish!

Most days you can find me behind the bar as the resident mixologist at the W Hotel City Center or the W Hotel Lakeshore.  I love working with our team and developing our cocktail programs which have gained some pretty awesome national recognition.  Blackbook Magazine recently covered our cocktails at the W Lakeshore and the hotel’s remodel.  Check out the full article here

A favorite cocktail at City Center is the Great Scotch.  It’s one of my signature cocktails that has become so popular it’s even requested while off the rotating seasonal menu.  Here’s the recipe to add to your repertoire.

One of our most requested cocktails, The Great Scotch

Lastly, many of you are familiar with my underground speakeasy, Sub Rosa.  Thanks to your support, Sub Rosa has evolved into a regular pop-up series that will kick off this fall with a Vincent Price-inspired dinner.  We’re having fun with innovative cocktails and food and you’re invited to come along for the ride.  Connect with me on my new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to stay in the loop of our upcoming events.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  It’s been an adventure and this next chapter is guaranteed to be full of fun, creativity and, of course, cocktails.